Kindle is King!

OK, I admit it, I'm hooked. These past three weeks having my Kindle have been great. I've had to take one of my parents to the doctor a lot and so I bring my Kindle and when I finish reading one book, I've got another waiting! And I've been keeping a few on it for for my kids as well (YA and fairy tales) and so when we've gone on trips I know that I'll have something for them to read at bedtime or when they get bored. I'm already up to around 50 books--a lot of them free! So I'm going to put in my plug and say that if you haven't checked out an e-reader yet, do. There are a variety of styles and I've heard pros and cons about each. But I haven't had to recharge my Kindle yet and it was affordable and easy to use.


Into the new age of reading...

OK, I did it. For my birthday, I got a Kindle. I've resisted and protested and come up with every reason why I shouldn't want to read a book from an electronic reader. But, part of me felt like it was being left behind. Kind of like when I have to ask my children how to find saved pictures on my camera or make a Prezi presentation. So I did it and it's here. As I hold it in my hands I'm still not sure what to think. Will they words look the same as they do on tangible paper where you can turn each page or linger over each word? Maybe not. But the convenience is there and the opportunity to have access to so many more works than I ever would before--and not just because of the financial deterrant. Some authors are choosing only to publish e-books and though that does tend to put stuff out there that probably isn't worth reading, I feel it's only fair to give some of the more interesting material a chance. So here it goes . . . wish me luck. I'll let you know what I think.