Halloween Writing Prompt!

What a great time of year to let the "darker" side of your writing out. I was surprised recently when I looked up the top ten bestselling horror novels on Amazon.com. Surprisingly, there were multiple titles being written by the same author! It appears that the genre could use some new "blood" (pun intended). So, if you're looking to break into the horror market, here is a writing prompt:

*Write a paragraph using one of the three following categories and all of the words included:

Sheer Horror
  • scythe
  • fresh flowers
  • bloody corpse
  • dainty
  • screaming
  • deadly
  • discovery
Ghostly Ghouls
  • haunted visions
  • mimicry
  • safe
  • knock-knock
  • dragging
  • lifeless
  • from the chase
Kids and Candy
  • frills
  • trickery
  • little beggars
  • dentists
  • chasing sugar
  • costumed
  • clever

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