A Word about Writing Conferences

Whew! I've hit two writer's conferences this past month, with another looming next month and one more the month after. When it comes down to it, sometimes I have to wonder if I really need to go to all of them! In this case, I did and still do, but here's a guide for you so you don't overdo it.

1) Plan your budget. If you can't afford it, you may have to reconsider a few.
2) Try and narrow down your writing plan so that you choose conferences that fit your needs the most.
3) Decide what the purpose of attending is: Are you there to learn new techniques? Network with other writers? Do a little shmoozing? Your motivation could be your guide.
4) Try and see if you've done anything worthy of being asked to serve as "Staff" at a conference. Any volunteer work on Committees or Boards could also garner you a free invite!
5) Most conferences are split up into days or sessions and you can always decide to attend only a portion of the conference. Also, skip the meals if money's tight. (They're usually not worth it!)

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