Writing Your Synopsis

You think you've got a bite for your novel! The only problem is...the dreaded one-page synopsis. How can you possibly explain your masterpiece in just one page, and in a way that will have them interested in tackling the 400-page effort itself! Well, here's a few tips to get you started and hopefully get them hooked:

1) Don't confuse 'outline' with 'synopsis,' this isn't a scene-by-scene rendition of your book. Go back to your original outline and pick out the main points.
2) Keep your synopsis in present tense.
3) It's OK to single space and make sure you include the title, genre, word count, and YOUR NAME and contact information in the upper left-hand corner.
4) Continue the same writing style as your book in your synopsis: dark and brooding? light and humorous?
5) Don't include dialogue unless it's absolutely necessary.
6) Keep it simple, yet professional. You don't need to print in color or add clip art, have it bound or illustrated. Let your story speak for itself.

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